About USA

The United States is the most popular study destination worldwide. Each year over half a million students visit the United States to study in US educational institutions at all levels.

The US hosts more international students than any other country in the world, a number fast approaching 600,000. In fact, international students comprise approximately 4% of the total Undergraduate US University and US college population, and 10% for US graduate school. These international students from every continent in the world choose to study in the US because they believe that a US education would afford them the best preparation for their future.


The US universities are able to provide the best possible platform to international students, which is evident from their high rankings. The Country’s education system offers the most comprehensive coursework to students with an equal emphasis on both practical and theoretical learning.

Affordable Education

Diversity and Flexibility

Outstanding support system for overseas students

Healthy and Safe Communities

International students can often work while they study & Internships

Exciting Campus Lifestyle


Universities and Colleges in the US have 3 intakes. Students have the option of choosing the term of their study from three main flexible intakes, Spring (January), Fall (September) and Summer (May).

Intake 1: Fall Semester

It commences in August/September and is the major intake.

Intake 2: Spring Semester

It commences in January/February intake is also available.

Intake 3: Summer Semester

It commences in May/June and is available for selected Courses.